Low-Maintenance, Not No-Maintenance

Your artificial grass turf lawn may never need mowing or watering, but that doesn't mean it's completely no-maintenance. To keep your synthetic grass looking its best, there are some simple tasks that you can do in the spring to bring the pile back to life and keep it looking its best.

Wash and Brush Up

Now's the time to give your lawn a good hose down to get rid of any debris left behind by winter storms and to tidy up any remaining dead leaves, twigs and dog poo. One of the advantages of your artificial grass turf is that it's free-draining, so if water doesn't clear, remove any blockages.

Once your lawn has dried, it's time to brush up the pile with a good stiff garden brush. Brush in one direction only, against the grain. This will pick up the pile and give your lawn a neat and tidy appearance.

Less Cleaning, More Fun

Now's the time to plant up your borders for summer colour and to attract birds and bees into the garden. Get the garden furniture out, but make sure you use protective pads on the feet of any metal furniture to prevent damage, and move your furniture often so it doesn't break down the pile of your grass.

You may also find that the porous membrane that allows your lawn to drain freely can be a breeding place for weeds. Use an organic and non-toxic product to get rid of seedlings before they become a problem.

Quick Tips for a Gorgeous Spring Garden

- Repaint fences and sheds

- Clear the guttering

- Check tools and repair or replace as necessary

- Power-wash your deck and/or patio

- Mulch pots and borders with bark chips

- Plan your next barbecue or garden party!

If you want to enjoy a fuss-free spring, summer and even autumn in the garden, then artificial grass turf is the perfect solution. We're experts in creating beautiful synthetic lawns, so browse our products and then contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for more details.