But before you decide to make the switch, here are five key tips on how to lay Astroturf that will help you install that lush and lovely low-maintenance lawn.

Lay a Membrane

Don't forget to lay a weed-inhibiting membrane before you start laying your Astroturf. This will stop weeds pushing through and spoiling the flawless look of your new lawn.

Respect the Lay of the Land

An absolutely pan-flat lawn can look artificial, where lumps and bumps can create an untidy finish. Levelling and compacting are key to getting a good finish, but you also need to respect the natural camber of the land to create the most natural-looking effect.

Lay the Right Way

This is the key to getting the look absolutely right. You need to make sure that each piece is lying in the same direction so that the pile looks even across your lawn. Get this wrong and you'll notice variations in colour due to the way the sunlight reflects off the grass, and your lawn won't look as lovely as it should.

Get the Joins Right

Once you've laid out your lawn with the pile facing in the right direction, you'll need to join the pieces. Make sure they aren't pulled too tight, which can cause puckering, or too loose so there are tell gaps. Take your time to get the joins just right and you'll be rewarded with a professional-looking and beautiful result.

Secure the Edging

Not only will this give a lovely finish to your lawn, but it will keep it securely in place. You have a range of finishing options, including timber and brick or concrete edgers. First, nail the edges of your Astroturf securely in place or use a strong glue to bond. Getting the edges right will affect the stability and integrity of your entire lawn, so take some time to finish it precisely.

We supply everything you need to get the very best finish for your lawn. So if you want to know how to lay Astroturf the professional way, browse the website for all the accessories you need for the perfect result.