1. A Water Feature

Nothing is quite as relaxing as the sound of tinkling water in the garden. Whether you love a Japanese Zen feel or an English country garden, there's a beautiful water feature to capture the sense of peacefulness and tranquillity that bringing water into the garden ensures. Best of all, if water splashes on to your lawn, it will simply drain straight through rather than creating muddy puddles.

2. Bright Colours

Nothing contrasts with the year-round deep rich green of artificial grass like a bold-coloured fence or a bright blue summer house. An artificial lawn is also a fabulous foil for some really bold and bright planting or some bright and colourful pots. Let your imagination run riot with colour and you'll create a really bold and beautiful garden design, set off perfectly by your synthetic lawn.

3. A Herbaceous Border

There's nothing more beautiful in a garden than a perfectly planted and tended herbaceous border, especially when it's packed full of flowers and shrubs like buddleia, shrub roses and sunflowers. Not only will a well-designed border attract pollinators like birds and bees, but it helps to create a natural setting for your lawn and makes it look much more authentic.

4. A Yorkstone Patio

Of course it doesn't have to be authentic yorkstone, as there are plenty of very effective-looking cheaper alternatives, but a light creamy stone patio pairs beautifully with your lush green artificial lawn. And because you never have to mow your lawn or clip the edges, your artificial grass and your patio will stay looking neat and beautiful.

5. A Swinging Seat

Whether you opt for an egg seat suspended from a tree or a swing seat made for two, there's something incredibly relaxing - and romantic - about swinging and chilling out. And because your artificial grass won't wear through, you won't create an unsightly muddy patch on your lawn.

If you love the idea of creating some drama in your garden with a fuss-free artificial lawn, then get in touch and we'll be able to advise you on the best grass for your new garden.