But thanks to their flexibility, artificial hedges can have a range of clever and innovative uses for your business. From advertising to display, an artificial hedge with a twist can be great for business.

A Green Logo

Topiary has a very modern vibe - it's sleek and minimalist, bringing the outside in and softening industrial design. It's also difficult to maintain, requiring precision pruning skills to keep it looking its best.

Artificial hedge changes the game. Spell out your company's name or replicate your company's logo in a fresh, modern and unusual style. Thanks to the way artificial hedging works, you can replicate literally any shape.

Just build a form in chicken wire, then quickly and easily cover it with artificial hedging. If you're running a cafe, what better way to differentiate yourself than by hedging your pavement space with your business's name or logo? Design a series of symbols or words appropriate to your business, and use them in the lobby. The applications are endless.

Green Wall - Display Wall

If you're in retail, artificial hedging offers some fresh ideas for display. For example, it's easy to create an on-trend green wall using artificial hedging. Then have some fun with it as a display space to show off anything from socks to suits.

Create hedges between different areas and drape them artfully with carefully selected pieces - use your imagination and create a whole 'outdoors indoors' narrative. Then screen off changing areas with more of the same.

In colour psychology, green is associated with wealth and encourages consumers to buy more. Using artificial hedging could be a subtle way to key into your buyers' subconscious and persuade them to make that purchase!

Artificial Hedge for Easy Maintenance

The great thing about using artificial hedges for a cafe or restaurant is that they couldn't be easier to maintain - simply give them a quick hose-down. They'll create the perfect noise insulation if you're on a busy road and block a less than pleasant view.

At Express Grass we stock artificial grass and hedging that will help your business make an instant impact. Just keep browsing until you see what's perfect for you, and then contact us for more details.