Add a Raised Bed

Raised beds are ideal for older people with reduced mobility, as they're easy to access. They can also make a stunning feature outlining the edge of an artificial lawn. Use chunky railway sleepers for a modern cottage garden look or brick for a smart and traditional structure that can provide additional seating. Go contemporary with steel or soften the look with a curved edging that can be unrolled and installed quickly and easily.

Install a Deck or Terrace

A terrace or deck make the perfect complement to artificial grass in the UK and is the perfect place for a barbecue that might otherwise damage your fake lawn. You can also use it for your furniture, although one of the benefits of artificial grass is that you won't create bald patches if you want to sit in the centre of your new lawn.

Create a Garden Room

Now that you no longer need a shed to store your lawnmower, why not use the space to create a stunning garden room? Whether you have your eye on an outdoor studio or a relaxing and spacious home office, an incredible structure in your garden - from glass box to wood cladding - will really set off your artificial grass. Even better, your garden won't turn into a pool of mud as pairs of workmen's boots trudge across it for days.

Build a Pathway

A pathway through your garden can be as simple as a series of stepping stones across your fake lawn or as chic as a well-laid brick path. If you love the look of gravel but worry about it messing up your new lawn, don't despair - loose pieces of gravel will brush out of your fake lawn when you use a stiff brush.

Take Care of the Kids

Artificial grass is brilliant for kids because they can play outdoors in all weathers without treading mud all through your home. But it's also ideal for a safe play area that protects hands and knees against injury. Trampolines are a common sight in the modern garden - why not choose to sink yours into your artificial lawn? You can camouflage it perfectly when not in use with a grass clad lid that pops on to give the illusion of a perfect lawn!

If you're inspired to create a brand new garden using artificial grass in the UK, then browse our range of artificial grasses on the website before you contact our knowledgeable and friendly team to place your order.