When considering whether to use Astro Turf, you will no doubt do your research. Whilst there is a lot to think about when making such a change to your lawn or pitch, you should also be wary about what you read or hear. There are a lot of myths out there surrounding Astro Turf that either simply are not true, or no longer apply due to the significant advancement in Astro Turf technology. Read on to find out more.

Astro Turf Isn’t Suitable for Pets

As a nation of pet lovers, this is a myth that deters many homeowners from installing Astro Turf. The general opinion is that artificial grass is too unnatural, and thus somehow unhealthy for your pet. However, there are actually a number of advantages for having artificial grass when you have pets. First of all, artificial grass is virtually impossible for dogs to dig through, particularly as there is no soil. The fact there is no soil or dirt has the additional advantage of there being less mess trailed inside – no longer will your carpets be ruined by muddy paws! The nature of Astro Turf also means that it will not become discoloured by pet mess either, simply because the grass cannot die and is easily washed. Finally, as pet safety is always a number-one concern, artificial grass is actually especially suitable for pets as there is no need for weed killers or fertilizers that can be dangerous to animals.

Astro Turf Isn’t Safe

Another common myth surrounding Astro Turf is that it isn’t safe, and that there is significant risk of injury such as ‘carpet’ burn from falls. Whilst there is some risk of injury, as there always is when playing sports, this risk is not as great as often perceived. This myth is one that stems from users of the original Astro Turf types, which did have abrasive properties. Nowadays, however, there have been significant improvements in the texture of Astro Turf and it is safe to use.

Astro Turf Looks Too Fake

This myth is another that stems from the original versions of Astro Turf, when the technology was still young. Whilst the turf does not, of course, look exactly like real grass, a quick browse of installation pictures shows that it is incredibly similar. 

What’s more, one of the most obvious tell-tale signs of artificial grass is that it stays green all year round – which we don’t think is a bad thing!

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