Make a Boxy Border

An artificial lawn always keeps its crisp, clean edges, and that makes it perfect for pairing with patio slabs, decking and planters. Try boxing in the edges of your new lawn with raised planters that add height and the softness of natural planting to your garden. A patch of artificial grass in the middle of a raised deck also looks stunning.

A Soft Landing

If your garden has a tree house or a climbing frame, then artificial grass is the ideal material to use in the kids' play area because it's ultra-durable but soft enough to cushion any fall. You can even have it laid over a safety mat for added protection.

Spinning Around

Having a no-mow lawn means that you no longer have to keep the edges of your lawn trimmed. And that means you can free yourself from the tyranny of the rectangular lawn and experiment with something more curvaceous. A circular or oval lawn not only looks interesting but frees up additional space for planting and even to tuck in a garden shed.

Keep It Hidden

If you have a trampoline in your garden that's a bit of an eyesore, why not bury it in your garden and then create a lid covered in fake grass to hide it away when not in use? You could use the same principle to create a hidden pond or firepit - though be careful not to let any embers get on your grass as they can ruin it.

Check Out a Chequerboard

Paving slabs laid with grass between them can look extremely chic - and take a huge amount of weeding and trimming to keep looking perfect. With artificial grass, you can create the effect with no upkeep required.

If you're inspired by these ideas to get creative with artificial grass turf, contact us and we'll be happy to advise you on the best fake grass for your garden.