A Space of Their Own

If you have a big enough garden, it's a good idea to set aside a section just for the kids so your prize herbaceous borders don't get destroyed by flying footballs. A tree is ideal for a tree house, and large bushes can be ideal for building dens. However, no matter how big or small your garden, replacing the turf with artificial grass means you'll provide your children with a low-maintenance lawn they - and you - will love.

A Soft Landing Surface

If you've invested in a swing set or climbing frame for the garden, then artificial grass provides an excellent surface for kids to jump on and off the equipment without hurting themselves. More and more schools are using artificial turf for this reason, and with the wide range of funky colours available you can get creative, too.

A Mud-Free Lawn

If your children love summer play in a paddling pool or sandpit, then an artificial lawn is absolutely made for them. Spills and splashes from the pool will drain straight through the membrane, and sand can be easily swept away. Better yet, the area round the pool won't become a muddy swamp - in fact, your kids can play out even on a wet day and not trail mud throughout the house!

Make a Feature of It

If you can't stand that ugly safety netting round the trampoline, then why not opt to make a child-friendly feature of it and sink the trampoline in your artificial lawn? Your children will have a soft landing if they bounce off, and your grass won't suffer from being trampled by little feet.

If you're inspired to use artificial grass to create a child-friendly play area in your garden, then browse the wide range on the website. Whether it's premium grass or brightly coloured play grass, we'll help you create a fun and fabulous play garden. Contact us today and we'll be happy to help.