Whether it's for a home garden or a business premises, a beautiful hedge can bring pleasure and interest to any outdoor area. With dependable, year-round colour and form, plus the possibility to choose the desired size without waiting years for the product to grow, artificial hedges can prove an attractive option to many customers.

The Hedge You Want Right Now

Choosing to install an artificial hedge is a relatively straightforward activity. Your first step in the decision-making process should be to establish the primary function of the hedge. Is it a privacy hedge, a space divider, a point of interest or a boundary against noise or fumes? Modern hedge tiles can create a range of hedge sizes and shapes to suit almost all purposes. Hedge balls can be situated on grass surfaces, in planters or in a hanging arrangement to add a classic ornamental look to any environment.

Hassle-Free Gardening

Keeping a real hedge healthy and in shape takes time, money and skill. What's more, not all locations are suitable for growing borders. Hedges need the right soil types to flourish and the right amount of sunshine and drainage too. There is also the growing concern of water usage.

All too often, a natural hedge can look less than its best. It makes you wonder whether they are really worth the trouble. Artificial hedges never need to be watered. The high-quality manufacturing techniques also ensure that the hedge tiles are hard-wearing and that the colour will not fade in strong sunlight.

Whether it's for a back garden, a division between neighboring plots or for a busy pavement cafe, an artificial hedge can be easily created, and they are surprisingly affordable. Next-day delivery is available for many products.

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