As more and more busy households discover the beauty of artificial lawns, it may be time to consider artificial hedging too. This clever landscaping trick allows all gardeners to create a topiary hedge with very little difficulty and maintenance, which is why it is popular with architects and designers.

Already widely used by cafes and restaurants, their ease of use means they are perfect for a home garden setting too. Artificial boxwood hedges provide a realistic alternative to traditionally grown hedging, which takes years to establish and requires continuous maintenance.

They are extremely versatile and can be used to improve privacy in your garden or to create beautiful borders along garden edges, on balconies and patios. Easy to install due to the fact they are manufactured on a square grid panel, the plastic boxwood tiles are simply sectioned together in a similar way to wall tiles. This means they look exactly like a living hedge and can be tailored to your requirements.

Installation is relatively simple, allowing competent DIY-ers to complete the design of artificial boxwood hedges themselves. The outdoor Artificial Boxwood Topiary comes in 25cmx25cm plastic square panels and is extremely durable.

The artificial hedges are protected against fading or discolouration through specially formulated UV inhibitors, which means they will stay looking good for years. The foliage will remain green and lush and they are completely maintenance-free: no watering or trimming is required.

To complete a professional and impressive look, you may wish to add some high-density artificial boxwood balls. Also fully UV stabilised, these are perfect for any surrounding. They look fantastic in pots and planters or as replacements for traditional hanging baskets.

Add a special touch to your garden and impress your guests this summer with high-quality artificial boxwood hedges created from only the finest materials.

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