For the Pampered Pooch: Luxury Long-Bladed Grass

If only the finest is good enough for your dog, then you need to choose a luxuriously soft and long-bladed grass. Top-of-the-range artificial turf that looks just like the real thing is a savvy choice when both you and your pet love to laze in the garden.

For the Bigger Dog: Bouncebackability

When a 250lb dog lands on your artificial lawn, it needs to have the power of bouncebackability to keep it looking beautiful. A luxury pile will soon spring back into shape, especially if you give it a once-over with a stiff bristled brush. In fact, brushing up the pile on your artificial lawn should be part of your low-maintenance lawn routine.

For the Dog That Loves to Dig: Quality Installation

A tough, high-quality artificial grass with a dense concentration of blades will help to guard against digging and tearing. The correct installation with a membrane will also help to prevent digging damage. If your dog just can't give up the habit, then leave a corner of your garden aside with a natural lawn and train your dog to dig there.

For the Active Dog: A Durable Pile

If your dog loves to run and play all day in the garden, then choose a durable artificial turf with a blend of fibres for guaranteed toughness - that way your easy-care lawn will keep looking good when a real lawn would be worn thin.

For Multiple Dogs: A Shorter Pile Grass

If your real lawn can no longer stand up to a pack of pounding paws, then opt for an artificial lawn instead. You won't have to worry about watering or using chemical fertilisers to keep it from being discoloured by dog pee, and there'll be no more muddy paws when the rain falls - artificial grass is ideal for animals and children because the water simply drains away leaving no mud and mess.

For the Older Dog: A Neat Short Pile

For the older dog who may have difficulties with digestion, a short-pile grass is ideal. Just scoop the poop and then give your artificial lawn a rinse with warm soapy water. If stubborn waste won't wash away, then a quick blast with a garden hose will do the trick. You can also buy proprietary deodorants if a lingering odour remains. Female dogs can often destroy a lawn with burnt patches, but an artificial lawn won't discolour and stays looking good as new after a quick wash and brush-up!

If you're a devoted dog owner and you want your pet pooch to have the perfect lawn, then why not browse the range of artificial grass on our website? You can then contact us for more details.