Advantages of Real Boxwood Hedging The main advantage of natural boxwood hedges is for those who will value them specifically for the fact they are natural. This includes keen gardeners who specifically want to grow, tend, trim and maintain all of their garden's plants themselves and take pride in the results, as well as those who are pleased with the very principle of having the real thing.

Obviously, many public spaces such as parks and gardens will also have to provide the real thing or else they will run the risk of disappointing their visitors and be accused of cheating by having perfectly manufactured boxwood hedging instead of putting in the amount of work that is expected of such places in order to craft the environment they provide. Benefits of Synthetic Hedges of work into their hedge.

They lack the growing time, the need for careful care and trimming and the tendency to develop damaged, dead or nibbled leaves that are associated with real hedges. They are also perfectly and neatly shaped at all times, without growing shabby and untidy or relying on perfect precision trimming to get the shape just right.

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