Banish the Mud

The great thing about an artificial lawn is that it's free-draining, which means that it's usable in all weathers. If your little patch of lawn turns into a mini-Glastonbury mud-fest at the first sign of rain, then withers into a scorched brown desert at the first hint of sun, then the everlasting green of a fake lawn will put a smile on your face. The kids and dogs and cats can use it even when it's raining cats and dogs, and you won't find mud all over the furniture for a real win-win.

No More Mowers

Investing in a mower for a small lawn often seems like a waste of money, but short of cutting it with a pair of scissors it's your only option. Of course, artificial grass doesn't need cutting and will stay looking good without fertilisers, weed killers and those funny shoes with spikes. The environment will thank you too.

Geometric vs Organic

The great thing about an artificial lawn is its flexibility. You can mix grass and paving slabs to create a smart contemporary effect you could never achieve with real grass. Or let your imagination run riot and clip your lawn into any shape you can imagine, knowing it'll stay that way.

An artificial lawn is also the ideal solution for creating different levels in your garden, as you can use it in areas where you wouldn't be able to use a lawnmower, so experiment with a raised grassed area for extra interest.

It's Pet- and Child-Friendly

This is the number one reason for using artificial grass in a small family garden, and the reason why schools are installing it in their playgrounds. It doesn't burn and won't stain, and it's ideal for rough and tumble and playing sports. Pet wee drains away, and poo can be scooped with ease - just apply a deodorizing and disinfectant product for hygiene and to banish lingering odours.

If you think artificial grass might be a good solution for your garden, browse the website for ideas and then contact us to make your ideas a reality.