When you have children or pets, lawns become much more than just a nice decorative part of your garden: they become a playing field. Natural grass doesn't always stand up to this very well. It will often develop worn and bare patches and other signs of damage as a result of heavy intensive use by energetic little ones.

If your family includes pets, then even more damage can result - especially in the case of dogs who like to dig. If the ground is even slightly damp and soft, the lawn becomes even more vulnerable to signs of damage. Synthetic lawns are much more resilient and will bear this treatment for many years without showing the slightest signs of damage. This reduces maintenance and keeps your garden consistently looking its best

Minimal Mud

Another problem familiar to all households with children (and once again, this is usually even worse when pets are involved) is getting mud trodden into the house.

When the ground is even a little bit damp, natural lawns can quickly start to look like they are more mud than grass when children go out to play.

Muddy feet quickly become the result, and when those feet get back into the house the results are not pretty.

Avoiding this effectively is not as easy as it sounds and involves making the lawn entirely off-limits until it has thoroughly dried.

Synthetic lawns, on the other hand, tend to develop little to no mud in wet weather and are quickly ready for use again once the rain has subsided. This means that the lawn need not be off-limits, and you don't have to worry about it giving you muddy floors.

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