The low maintance solution has been gaining in popularity across the country with agents adding the benefits to their property listings..

A great first impression

A lawn laid with artificial grass looks brilliant no matter what time of year it is. Even in the depths of winter, your lawn will look fresh and green - cheering up the whole garden. So no matter which season it is when you are selling your home, your garden will always look well-kept and beautiful. First impressions are so important when it comes to house viewings, and you never know - it just may be the thing that clinches the deal!

So many advantages

So just why are so many people attracted to the idea of artificial grass? Well, apart from the fact that it looks so appealing, it also requires zero maintenance. This means no mowing, no weeding and no reseeding bald patches. For busy families with hectic lives this is a real draw. The lawn is fit for purpose all year round, with absolutely no maintenance to carry out.

Laying artificial grass is wonderfully quick, cost-effective and convenient.. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of types and styles so you’re sure to find the perfect grass for you.

Express Grass are on hand to answer all of your questions and offer you plenty of help and advice thanks to their years gathering knowledge and experience in the area.
Give them a call today or visit their website to find out more about how laying artificial grass could increase the selling power of your home.

They’ll be delighted to guide you through the process and have your garden looking shipshape in no time!