Ditch the Sprinklers

Can't afford a top-of-the-range sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking green? Don't worry, as an artificial lawn will save you the expense of sprinkler systems, water butts, hosepipes and all the other paraphernalia involved in caring for your lawn. The most you'll need to do is give it the occasional wash and brush to keep it looking its best.

Forget the Mower

Just think of the cost saving of buying a broom versus buying a mower. No more Sunday afternoons slavishly mowing the lawn - just the occasional brush-over to fluff the pile. Your neighbours will be envious when they see you kicking back and relaxing in the garden, and if you invest in the best they'll never even know your grass isn't the real thing.

Kids and Pets Will Love It

Underfoot a good-quality artificial turf will feel just like the real thing, which is why kids and pets love it. And no soil means no mud, so they can play to their heart's content and you won't have muddy footprints all through the house. Free-draining artificial turf is ideal for dealing with pet mess, and you can deodorise it, too. Just make sure your rabbits have a bit of the real stuff to nibble on!

But What About the Shed?

For most people, a shed is somewhere to store the mower and other garden tools. Of course, once you've installed an artificial lawn you really won't need a shed any more - so why not invest in a lovely summerhouse instead? Artificial grass in the UK is actually ideal if you work in an outdoor room, as it remains usable all year round, unlike real grass that can be a muddy swamp at certain times of the year.

If you're interested in investing in a low-maintenance and drought-resistant artificial lawn, then browse the website for the best grass for your garden and your budget and then contact us for more details.