Artificial Grass in the UK

Tottenham Hotspur use what's known as a hybrid grass at their training ground. This interweaves natural and synthetic grass to create a super-strong pitch that can stand up to any amount of wear and tear.

If you're a fan of Big Brother, you've probably noticed how pristine the grass in the outdoor areas looks throughout the series. Low-maintenance artificial grass was the perfect choice, looking good for weeks without mowing or watering.

Artificial Grass in Europe

Artificial grass is really taking off for golf courses across Europe, providing the perfect playing surface while conserving precious resources. That's the reason why Disneyland Paris and the other Disney theme parks across the world use artificial grass - the move has cut water usage, reduced the need for maintenance and provides a happy landing for over enthusiastic park-goers!

Artificial Grass in the US

It's the home of Astroturf, and synthetic grass is a popular playing surface for college and professional sport. The MetLife Stadium shared by the New York Giants and the New York Jets sees a lot of wear and tear, so a synthetic playing surface is the perfect choice. Teams in the Deep South also favour artificial pitches, as they keep their good looks and playability even in drought and soaring temperatures.

Artificial Grass in High Temperatures

Artificial lawns are also increasingly popular in equatorial countries that enjoy high temperatures and heavy rainfall. Synthetic turf won't fade in direct sunlight and is free draining so the monsoon rains don't cause a problem.

Surprising Uses for Artificial Grass

Synthetic lawns are now a feature at the Chelsea Flower Show, although the use of such a material was banned up until 2010. And Britain's best dogs put their best paws forward on artificial grass turf because it's both soft and easy to keep clean in case of any little accidents - the same reasons your dogs at home love to romp outside on a fake lawn!

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