Dealing with a Shady Lawn

If you have the opportunity to remove shrubs and trees that are casting shade, then you stand a chance of creating the kind of dappled shade where you can encourage a lawn to thrive through a careful regime of mowing, watering and feeding.

But what can you do if the shade is deep and the causes of it - neighbouring trees, high walls or hedges, tall buildings - are beyond your control?

Create Colour with Shade-Loving Plants

You could choose to replace your shady lawn with an attractive mulch and some shade-loving plants like begonias, ferns and hydrangeas. In fact, it's possible to create some lovely herbaceous effects with the right plants. Unfortunately, this is not always the best solution when you have young children who want to get outside and play, and the upkeep on such planting can be more labour-intensive than that of a shady lawn.

Choose Artificial Grass for an Evergreen Lawn

This is where artificial grass can help. Once you strip away your old lawn and prepare the ground with a membrane, you can simply unroll an artificial grass lawn that is low-maintenance, never needs mowing and will continue you to look a beautiful vibrant green every day of the year.

There'll be no more standing water where the sun doesn't shine to evaporate it, and no more muddy, scrubby ground where once there was grass. Artificial grass will light up even the gloomiest corner of your garden, and if you edge round with a smaller border and a decorative mulch, you can make the most of the conditions to create a really lovely shade garden with somewhere for the kids to play.

If you're interested in turning a shady garden to a gorgeous lawned landscape, then browse our ranges and then contact us for your free samples.