The Difference

The difference is not one of length, pile type, materials, colour or manufacturing method. In fact, it is not remotely technical. Rather, there is synthetic grass in general, and Astro Turf (more properly spelled AstroTurf) is a specific brand of synthetic grass.

In a sense, it's not a product but a company, though the name also applies to the artificial grass products made by this particular company, so it's not always inaccurate to use it in this way.  

It Gets More Complicated 

However, it's not necessarily that simple, and you could argue that using this phrase to refer to any artificial grass, whether or not it was made by this company, is correct in a sense.

AstroTurf was one of the early big synthetic grass companies, and it earned a lot of attention by providing a good-quality alternative to natural grass in the sports world.

As such, the company's name became extremely familiar to the public as a prominent type of fake grass and entered popular usage as a name for any artificial lawn surface.

While originally this could have been called a mistake, the name has become so familiar and common in popular usage that you could say it has caught on and evolved to the point where it is both a company name and a common informal way of referring to any artificial grass.

This is much the same as calling any vacuum cleaner a hoover - while Hoover is only one manufacturer, the name has become so embedded in common usage that very few people would even consider correcting you for saying it.

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