But there is another benefit of installing synthetic hedging around your garden or business premises which many people overlook - privacy.

Having a hedge between you and your nosey neighbours, or around your business's boundary, can add a welcome extra level of security and privacy.

We all know someone who spends every waking moment peeking out of their window at the comings and goings of their nearest neighbours and passers-by. Whether you're parking your car, letting family members into your house or walking the dog, there they are with an ever-present nose pressed against the window, watching your every move.

Now while this may be harmless, it is unsettling to be watched, even by people we know. An artificial hedge placed around your house's boundary will enable you to screen your property from prying eyes without the constant maintenance required by a real growing hedge or shrub.

There's no need for hedge-trimmers, leaf-blowers or pruning shears, and your hedge will always be at the correct height to ensure privacy while allowing the right level of light into your home.

Not only do they look good, but they also give your home an added layer of security, screening your windows or door from anyone interested in seeing inside.

They are also ideal for placing around a balcony, should you be lucky enough to have one, again adding security and privacy. An added benefit is that they help absorb any noise from nearby roads or noisy neighbours, allowing you to enjoy your balcony or garden in peace and quiet.

Businesses, too, can gain the same benefits by adding a synthetic hedge to their boundary. Effectively, you can create a green wall that is probably cheaper and more attractive than a fence or brick wall.

Easy to install, hard-wearing and always attractive, an artificial hedge will only add to your professional image.

Take a look around our website to see how a synthetic hedge could improve the look of your property while also helping to maintain your privacy. We have a wide range to suit every taste and pocket.