AstroClean Artificial Grass Cleaner & Deodoriser

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A Perfect Solution for Eliminating Cat and Dog Odours from your Artificial Lawn



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AstroClean Artificial Grass Cleaner & Deodoriser

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AstroClean is a naturally sustainable pet odour and stain remover which rapidly neutralises and eliminates bad odours from your lawn.

Ideal for use on synthetic grassand turf, and for general cleaning and restoration. Removes dirt, grease, animal droppings, algae, moss and a wide range of soiling.

It uses friendly bacteria to actively eliminate uric acid and salts that cause urine odour. AstroClean is fast acting and does not rely on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidisers.

Safe to be sprayed on both soft and hard surfaces such as carpets, fabrics, pets & animal bedding.

AstroClean incorporates a freshly cut grass fragrance leaving a pleasant residual odour.

Product Specifications

Model No
Price £12.99
Size 1 litre
Coverage 30-40m2

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